New Beginnings 

Blogging has always interested me. But I have never really understood what and how to start writing contents that will help people. The main motive of starting a blog, is to reach out to everyone  who needs an ear, a shoulder, and most importantly someone they can relate to. Because there are a lot of things, and by lot I mean A Lot, that people do not  share  with anyone because of the stigma we humans have attached raw feelings to and this same thing feeds them from the very base  and leaves them vulnerable to anything and everything !

My posts are dedicated to everyone who is a fighter and to everyone who is willing  to fight but needs just the right amount of push. Because as Robert Frost  said,”In three words I can sum up everything  I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

 With loads of love and hope.

For updates on my blog and upcoming events, follow me here by clicking on the link Official page for lifeaswehaveneverknownit


12 thoughts on “New Beginnings 

  1. Reading your works NOW, you’re doing great. I see you staying true with what you’ve expressed here so far. You’re blog is honest and inspiring and awesome in its own right!
    Keep it up! I’m excited to read more of your future posts 🙂

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