Hope and Gratitude.

 There are times when we fail to appreciate ourselves. Remind ourselves of how wonderful and amazing we truly are. And how marvellously we have survived this life and its grinding challenges. How we have made through life’s roller coaster – Every single day! Every single second.

When you look around, feel grateful for it. Because honey if you don’t appreciate your life and all of the ingredients that make it (including you) then who will ? Who doesn’t go through a bad phase ? What makes us any different is the will to fight and emerge stronger than ever.

I have known people who have given up all hopes on life because a certain part of it didn’t go the way they had planned! But what about the rest of it? There are moments when we feel lost . Confused. Mentally lethargic. Lethal to ourselves. We feel so hopeless and disheartened that we succumb to our pains and we fail to realize that this is a wake up call. What you do to overcome this phase of your life is what truly, truly defines you !

It is hard. It is very very hard to move on after a loss. It can be anything- loss of a dear one, a breakup with someone whom you could have never imagined a life without, a scandal which tears you into bits and pieces, low academic performance, one sided emotions, super high expectations that you cannot fulfil, an accident or even worse. But always remember the world is a nasty place !! There will always be people who are going to laugh at your losses, temporarily forgetting KARMA, people who will demoralize you. You need to distance yourself from them. Far. Very far. Choose who you can rely on very very carefully. This is what will shape you into a better or a bitter person.

Lastly, If you need someone to talk. I am definitely lending an ear. And I would love to be a part of your problems.

With loads of love and hope.

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5 thoughts on “Hope and Gratitude.

  1. Glad that you are doin this…
    Many of us are in need of it and all it takes to be okay is just to have this feeling that yes,there is someone who listens and understand.Go ahead,and i hope you find happiness through spreading the same.

    Liked by 2 people

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